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Lunatask v1.5


  • You can now display charts showing what your mood, energy and stress levels are doing over time and compare them with previous periods
  • The journal now shows statistics like the total number of journal entries, your current streak, and how many months you have been journaling to keep you motivated


  • Improved the UI for creating repeating tasks so it better explains what "after completion" does
  • Improved reliability of iCloud calendar sync when there's an issue processing recurrence rule for an event
  • Improvements to dark mode in habit and mood trackers
  • Improvements to onboarding for new users


  • Fixed the mood tracker for the current day switching to the next day in front of your eyes at midnight, possibly in the middle of writing your journal entry
  • Fixed the order of tags in the note list being inconsistent with the order of tags in the note header
  • Fixed a race condition sometimes causing the UI to crash during sign out
  • Disallow users from entering “every day at 8” as a task recurrence rule and prevent a potential crash in that case
  • Fixed the button to open a task in the calendar not working correctly for tasks in collapsed sections
  • Attempt to fix the app losing the local copy of data and logging the user out when the machine runs low on disk space