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Lunatask v1.2


  • Added Quick Note, a Markdown scratchpad persisted and synced across all your devices you can open next to your tasks for stuff like quick notes during meetings, checklists, reminders, etc.
  • Notes can now be tagged and the note list filtered by tags
  • To simplify creating new tasks from your email conversations an email integration was added. Now you can generate a unique email address for each of your tasks lists. Sending or forwarding an email will then result in creating a task using the subject of the email as the name of the task and its body as the attached note.
  • As a companion to the mood and energy level tracker, this update adds a tracker to track how busy/overwhelmed you were on each day
  • Save any internet link or article into Lunatask directly from your browser with just one click using our browser bookmarklet – great for reading lists.


  • Visual improvements throughout the app, mainly but not limited to task detail footer, mood tracker, habit groups, and notes. As well as dark mode fixes or more consistent color usage throughout the UI.
  • Besides a natural language parser, task scheduling now features a clickable calendar
  • The search modal now shows whether the task in search results is completed or not
  • Running task timer in the area is now indicated via the area menu item badge
  • The note list now shows the timestamp of the last change and allows to sort notes by when the last change was made (configurable in the settings)
  • The note move dialog now allows moving notes out the any notebook
  • The value on Eisenhower Matrix can now be cleared
  • The work-in-progress limit reached message now shows also in Eisenhower Matrix grouping
  • The mood tracker now shows the date selected
  • The application now minimizes into a system tray on close on Windows
  • Lunatask will now prefer Helvetica Neue when installed on the system over the default system font like Segoe UI on Windows, or Ubuntu Font on Ubuntu


  • Fixed a timezone issue causing repeating tasks to shift by one day in some cases
  • The minimum window height was reduced so Lunatask works well on screens as small as 1024x768 pixels
  • Fixed search modal background color glitch when scrolling