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Lunatask v0.9


  • Added recurring tasks. You can now schedule tasks to repeat every month on the last day, or every Monday and Friday, or anyhow else you wish.


  • We revised urgency calculation in all groupings as well as task sorting rules. Now, it is possible to i.e. change the priority of due tasks to consider some more urgent than others.
  • Dates more than a year in the future now show the year as well
  • API access tokens now show when the token was used the last time
  • New icons available for areas (new icons include running, tree, gamepad, plane, departure, glasses, handshake, balance scale, info circle, fitness, shirt, movie, python, aws, intercom, spotify, shopify, youtube, and instagram)


  • We fixed the planned tasks badge not including due tasks from the scheduled section
  • We fixed the issue when moving a scheduled task into regular later section was possible only by clearing the scheduled date, but not via changing the status to Later