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Lunatask v0.8


  • Added ability to pin the tasks to the top of the list
  • Added habits with weekly recurrence (both once a week and many times a week)
  • Added option to delete your account in the settings


  • Task scheduling is now available also in By motivation grouping, therefore making it available in all groupings
  • Scheduled tasks for which the date is already here or in the past are now shown on top of the list. Previously, when the date came, the tasks were moved automatically to their previous status (or Next), possibly out of sight. Now it's up to you to decide what to do with such a task when the time comes.
  • The work-in-progress limit is now available also in Now/Later grouping, not just in By status
  • Added 40 and 50 minute pomodoro timer options
  • New icons available for areas (new icons include truck, folder, drum, campground, robot, magic, friends, fork, javascript, apple, kickstarter, producthunt, and slack)


  • Fixed newly created accounts not being able to create access tokens for API usage
  • Fixed right-click context menu misbehaving on tasks in the completed tasks list
  • Fixed an issue when moving habits up/down was not working properly in some cases
  • Fixed a rare issue when Chrome would drop the connection to the underlying database unexpectedly causing the changes not to be persisted
  • Revised how Lunatask handles time zones in task scheduling, habit, and mood tracker, and what happens the time zone changes as people travel, as well as fixed many edge cases and some bugs related to the time zone handling