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Lunatask v0.6

The latest update brings Lunatask one step closer to become an open platform, as well as it brings updates to task list, habit tracker, and enhanced security.


  • Added support for custom lists (we name them Areas of Life). When you sign up for Lunatask, your two default areas (personal and work-related tasks) will be still present, however, with Lunatask 0.6, you can add your own. Working for multiple clients or want to track education-related tasks separately? No problem with our new custom Areas of Life.

  • Added developer-friendly Public API. Those more tech-savvy among you, you can now build integrations that will bring tasks from your favorite tools into Lunatask automatically. This is a foundation to make Lunatask an open platform and going forward you can expect some native integration as well!

  • Added Idea Voting Portal which serves as a public roadmap where you can see and influence what we build next Improvements

  • Habit Tracker now shows your record streak for each habit to keep you motivated to beat your past record. Streak calculation was also rewritten to take habit recurrence into account.

  • Enabling us to build Public API and future integrations we rewrote the end-to-end encryption which protects your data. Previously, AES-256-GCM+PBKDF2 algorithms were used. Starting with 0.6 the cryptography algorithms used are Curve25519+XSalsa20+Poly1305+argon2id. Accounts created with earlier versions of Lunatask will be prompted to undergo a short migration when updating to Lunatask 0.6 or later.

  • Your task list configuration (workflow, grouping and sort) is now stored remotely and synced to all devices

  • New icons in task list footer to indicate better what is what

  • Login and account setup flow window is now draggable

  • Improved reliability of cloud sync

  • Improved network connection status detection


  • Fixed up/down arrow keys not working in flat grouping


It seems that the auto-updater again was misbehaving in 0.5.1 and 0.5.2. The issue was fixed in 0.5.3, if you have a trouble updating Lunatask, please, download new version from the website manually. Apologies for the inconvenience, we will keep a closer eye on him next time!