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Lunatask v0.5


  • Added Mood Tracker to track your mood every day, so now you will be able to scientifically answers questions like e.g. whether taking a food supplement in the evening affects how you feel the next day
  • Added Habit Groups so now you can group habits into routines (e.g. Morning routine)
  • Must/Should/Want grouping in Task List is now out of labs


  • You can now mark a habit as a bad habit, it will then not show in incomplete habits for today in the menu badge
  • You can now see that task is not actionable (i.e. is in waiting status) when not in by status grouping
  • CMD+R will now perform data sync instead of reloading the app, you can still reload the app manually via the application menu (View > Reload)
  • Allow to rename a habit via right-click context menu, not just via double-click
  • Seen onboardings are now remembered on the server and not lost on logout
  • Added dedicated button to take you to task search and completed task list to improve discoverability
  • Allow to collapse/uncollapse sections in Task List via right-click context menu to improve discoverability, not just via double-click
  • Make line height in code blocks consistent with normal text (resulting in more compact code blocks)
  • Redesigned login and encryption setup flows
  • Confirmation dialogs can be now submitted by pressing ENTER
  • In-app feedback form was removed in favor of the website's contact form
  • Enhanced performance and security


  • Fixed not being able to open native emoji picker with a CTRL+CMD+SPACE keyboard shortcut in the Task List