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Lunatask v0.4

After a long search for a better name, the app shall now be known as Lunatask. But wait, there's more 🔥


  • Added Task Workflow Presets
  • Added Plan You Day Workflow (to be enabled in Labs)
  • Added inline code support to the editor, to trigger wrap text in backticks
  • Allow copying task description as Markdown
  • You can now submit feedback, feature ideas or bug reports directly from the app, visit Settings > Support > Submit Feedback
  • Added onboarding messages when switching to a particular workflow for the first time as well as how task list works in general
  • Habit Tracker is now out of Labs


  • Pressing backspace on the beginning of code block now removes the code block
  • Give code blocks in the editor more space to breathe if surrounded by text
  • Added tooltips throughout the app to ease onboarding
  • Rename Next in the header to Now to match grouping name
  • Added menu item to Sign Out
  • Updated login page copy
  • The application is now notarized to avoid security warning on macOS Catalina
  • Bundled application size is now reduced by 10%


  • Auto-linking in the editor made more reliable