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Lunatask v0.3


  • Habit Tracker is now in Labs for everyone with tracking of daily activities, habit pausing/resuming, habits relevant only on certain days of the week and habits which you can practice multiple times within a single day. You can use it to track bad habits you want to get rid of too!
  • In the settings, you'll find a new section called Labs which is a place for trying out new experimental features. To enable Habit Tracker, visit Settings > Labs and turn it on.
  • Now you don't need an invite to start using the app, just download it and start using it


  • Added support for bold, italic and strikethrough formatting to task descriptions
  • Focus mode now automatically turns on Do Not Disturb and turns it off when complete
  • Chronological sort is now renamed to By age
  • Age indicators in By age sort now automatically update as the time goes
  • All keyboard shortcuts now repeat when the key is held (useful mainly for up/down arrows)
  • Added warning when unsynced changes on a sign-out
  • Bundled application size is now reduced by 65%


  • Email links now open email client upon clicking, not the browser
  • Fixed the app not being easily draggable around the screen, you can now start dragging anywhere in the left menu and it will move the app