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Lunatask v0.2


  • You can now use code blocks in task descriptions
  • Autolinking in task descriptions is now back, you can also use Markdown syntax to add links there
  • A new Workflow feature to simplify moving tasks between states (available in task right-click menu)
  • The work-in-progress limit is now customizable in settings with the ability to turn it off
  • Added 8h estimate option and indication in red that task should be split into smaller tasks
  • It's possible now to edit selected task with SPACE not just ENTER shortcut
  • It's possible now to end focus mode with Q press for parity with F for starting it
  • It's possible now to switch contexts with CMD+1 / CMD+2 shortcuts
  • Default grouping changed from flat list to Now/Next for personal tasks and By Status for work-related tasks
  • Moving task into collapsed section now temporarily uncollapses it, this now works for all changes which result in the task being moved into a different section, not just when a new task is created and Later is collapsed
  • Task statuses in the dropdown are now reordered to match the order of statuses displayed in the Task List
  • Added menu item to trigger sync to cloud manually
  • Improved visual indication of enabled settings toggles


  • "Current version is up-to-date" message no longer shows up every time you restart the app
  • Focus mode is now automatically ended when task marked as completed
  • Leftover debug option to focus for 10 seconds is now removed