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Lunatask v0.12


  • Dark mode was added to save the battery and your eyes in low-light conditions
  • Events from Google Calendar now show an option to create a note for that event – great not just for meeting notes
  • The ability to create and apply note templates has been added. Now you can create templates for notes that you write regularly, whether it is a journal entry, a meeting note, or your favorite cooking recipe.
  • Looking at your tasks all day and forgetting to make progress on your habits? The new habit widget brings habits to your task list so the habits are always at your sight. It also allows you to drag habits onto the calendar and plan them into your day.
  • The ability to pin notes to the top of the list was added, similarly to how it works in the task list
  • It is now possible to attach mood and feelings to notes, perfect for journals and diaries
  • As of this release, some of the features move to a newly introduced premium plan. You can manage the plan and billing details in the settings.


  • Areas can now be reordered with drag & drop in the menu
  • Habits and habit groups can now be reordered with drag & drop as well, so can the notebooks.
  • Note list sidebar is now resizable
  • Added the ability to show note in fullscreen hiding note list sidebar for more distraction-free writing environment
  • Notes now show the notebook they are in when in "All Notes"
  • Added new option "all due" to show the number of due tasks in area menu badge besides the existing "all planned" and "all tasks", this will be the default for new accounts
  • Window can now be dragged via the header in the habit tracker and notes
  • Improved support for running Lunatask on larger screens
  • Notes can now be sorted either by name or date created
  • Tasks can now be marked as complete directly in the calendar
  • Time blocks are now removed from calendar on task complete
  • Various minor UI improvements. Everything is more rounded, clean, badges in the menu were refreshed as well as modals, dropdowns, and select inputs.


  • Fixed "Move note" modal not closing when note moved into a new notebook
  • Fixed window size and position not being restored after the restart
  • Fixed unnatural window controls order on Windows
  • Fixed window close in fullscreen causing black screen on Mac
  • Intraword underscores are now possible in the editor without triggering italic formatting
  • Added missing menu keyboard shortcut to navigate to notes
  • Fixed the focus timer not marking the focus done if computer is asleep when timer finishes
  • Fixed horizontal lines in the calendar flickering when dragging stuff around
  • The updater was fixed to properly restart the app when a new update is downloaded
  • The current notebook and selected note are now remembered after the window is closed or the application restarted