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Lunatask v0.10


  • Added Secure Notes and Notebooks to the journey toward becoming a comprehensive productivity tool
  • Eisenhower Matrix task list grouping and corresponding Eisenhower Method workflow have been added
  • We re-imagined the global search window so that it searches through both tasks and notes at the same time


  • Added the ability to add tasks directly into a certain section. Just hover over the section name and the plus button to add a new task appears.
  • Motivation can be now assigned to due tasks in "By motivation" grouping
  • Due to the fact that new users easily forget there is a toolbar to change area grouping or sorts, it no longer hides by default. You can choose to turn it back on in the settings.
  • The list of completed tasks is now available per Area of Life and can be opened using the new icon in the toolbar for changing area grouping/sort
  • Added support for headings of all levels to task description and note editors
  • The work-in-progress limit is now available also in flat grouping, not just in "By status" and "Now/Next"
  • Switched default sort for Must/Should/Want workflow to "By urgency"
  • Added Shift+Arrow Up/Shift+Arrow Down keyboard shortcuts for changing the priority of a selected task
  • Added ability to change priority also via the right-click context menu
  • Improved temporal uncollapsing of the collapsed section the task is moved into
  • Added two new area/notebook icons (male and female)


  • The issue of not being able to select items in i.e. the priority select via pressing ENTER has been fixed
  • In task description and node editors, clicking emails now opens the email client, not the browser
  • Auto-linking in lists and checkboxes has been fixed
  • The updater has been fixed to not throw an error when run multiple times simultaneously